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Q. So who’s the guy behind OvenGuy?

Hi, my name’s Mike Collins, and OvenGuy was my idea. I thought the demand was there, turns out I was right. I'm delighted that we are now Auckland’s fastest-growing specialist domestic Oven cleaning and BBQ cleaning company.

Q. What area does OvenGuy cover?

Our oven cleaning and BBQ cleaning service is available right across the Auckland region, from the Bombay Hills to Wellsford (including Omaha Beach).

Q. Why do I want my oven and BBQ cleaned by OvenGuy?

Many homeowners clean their own ovens and BBQs. But this usually involves spraying and wiping with some nasty, toxic oven-cleaner. These products emit caustic fumes, harm the environment and leave a chemical residue that can affect the taste of your food and be very harmful to your health. OvenGuy provides a deep-down, professional clean that cleans parts of your oven or BBQ that others simply never reach. Our specialist products are 100% non-caustic and biodegradable - there’s no residue and your oven and BBQ is left looking fantastic. Crazy, but we love cleaning ovens and BBQ's.

We are trained to clean all Oven makes and models including Smeg, Bosch, Ilve, Miele, F&P, Viking, Teka

BBQ makes include DCS, Beefeater, Prime Grill, Weber, Electrolux, Meteor, BBQ Factory

Q. What cleaning products does OvenGuy use?

OvenGuy sources its range of clean, green cleaning products exclusively to ensure that they are all non-caustic, non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Q. How does OvenGuy clean my oven or BBQ - what’s involved?

We’ll turn up at your house exactly when we are supposed to (not before, not after). We’ll then lay protective mats on your kitchen floor or deck. Following that, all internal parts such as the fan, racks and grills are removed and taken out to the van to our special de-carbonising steam tank (after which they'll emerge sparkling like new). The inside of the oven or BBQ is hand cleaned with our non-toxic products. The oven door is removed and the oven glass is cleaned inside and out, as well as between the layers of glass. A final shine and buff completes the job. With stainless BBQs excellent results are achieved rejuvenating the stainless steel with our unique product. Beautiful.

Q. How long does the cleaning process take?

We’re thorough, efficient and arrive on time. We will make a time that suits you (can arrive early morning before you leave for work). The entire process usually takes between 1 ½ – 2 hours.

Q. Do I have to be at home?

It’s up to you. But if you can't be around, once you let us in you can trust us 100% to get on with the job and lock up when we leave. We will leave you the invoice and you can pay by internet.  Alternatively we offer a key pick up service.

Q. I have a self-cleaning oven. Does it still need cleaning?

Absolutely yes, it still needs a clean! The self-clean liners work ok as long as you run the oven at very high 500 degree plus temperatures on a regular basis, however even if you do this, grease and carbon still builds up behind the catalytic panels, grill and fan which is impossible for you to reach without removing the oven door. OvenGuy will remove all that grease and carbon, plus we’ll sort out the racks, fan, glass, door and hobs.

Ovens are our specialty... but we also clean AGA OVENS, RANGE HOODS, HOBS, MICROWAVES, BBQs and more. Call us now for a quote 0800 963 021