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Cockroaches in BBQ's ?

Hi, it is Mike the OvenGuy here and welcome to our BBQ cleaning page. I am sure you are aware that we clean ovens however some of our clients were not aware that we also clean BBQ's and do it very well I might add. We can make your stainless BBQ look pristine again.

You may ask yourself how important is it to clean your BBQ and why you would have a professional BBQ cleaner do this task. The answer relates to the image below and many a BBQ we clean can have nasty cockroaches living in the BBQ itself or in the BBQ cover.

Don't let these filthy little guys spoil your next BBQ.

Get the BBQ cleaning expert in today.bbq cleaning auckland cockroches


The fact remains that BBQ's are one of the most bacteria laden and toxic cooking utensils in the home. Cockroaches thrive in them due to the food residues that remain after cooking and the half hearted attempts of cleaning by the owner usually has no impact for the cockroaches and the flies. The trick is to give the unit a thorough clean and force  the pests to move out to the neighbours BBQ instead of yours. Just send them to a neighbour who has not discovered the OvenGuy yet!!.

The old she'll be right attitude is no longer valid when it comes to cleaning the BBQ. It simply is not acceptable to allow people including kids to get ill due to poor hygiene. There are more food poisoning cases and other food related illnesses caused by poor hygiene than ever before and more cases are emerging each year, some of these are caused by filthy BBQ's.

Cockroaches carry disease and are notoriously filthy for food preparation and cooking surfaces which is why your BBQ should be kept clean and who better to do the job than Mike at OvenGuy.

It can be very embarrassing when you start to cook the BBQ if cockroaches come running out and run straight up your guests legs because the BBQ has not been cleaned since Adam was a cowboy. Not the way to win friends and influence people that is for sure and guaranteed to spoil a lovely BBQ. A dirty BBQ will also attract flies and other insects plus mice and rats.

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Do yourself, your guests and your BBQ a favour and call the OvenGuy today.
Don't put it off any longer.

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