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BBQ Cleaning Auckland

The Ovenguy is now cleaning more BBQ's than ever before and Auckland BBQ owners are loving the fast turn around and the amazing results. Mike specialises in cleaning stainless BBQs. Customers make comments like:

"That looks new again"  or "Can't wait to have the family over for a BBQ now that it is clean again"

Our oven cleaning clients love the fact that we also clean BBQ's, can do the job on the deck and do not leave any mess.

We mentioned in this article titled BBQ Cleaning Auckland why it is so important to keep your BBQ clean. Firstly from a health and safety aspect nobody wants family or friends to suffer food poisoning and it does happen. Having a clean BBQ is having a healthy BBQ.

Secondly, regular BBQ cleaning will protect your investment and prolong the life of your favourite Q. It is important that stainless BBQs are cleaned regularly before the burnt on carbon etches itself into the metal.

Don't put it off. Give Mike the Ovenguy a ring and get your BBQ cleaned quickly and efficiently.

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