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At Oven Cleaning Auckland we get many calls from frustrated home owners with dirty ovens and BBQ's who are about to host a dinner party and find the job of cleaning the oven and BBQ just too much to bear on top of the massive job of preparing food, cleaning the guest areas, setting the dinner table and so on. oven cleaning client auckland

Hi, it is Mike the OvenGuy here...

The last thing anybody wants when they are entertaining guests is a dirty oven. Is it not funny how guests love to congregate in the kitchen at parties - it is a Kiwi thing. No one is proud of a dirty oven.
And you defininitely don't want guests dry retching into their Pinot Gris as the cockroaches run out of the BBQ when you take the cover off. Not a good look !

But do not fear, these are the times when the OvenGuy gets the "help me" call and where our fast response vehicle shown below comes to the rescue. We take over the cleaning duties while you get on with getting your prep done for your dinner party.

Interestingly our clients all seem to have similar requirements when we turn up promptly at the pre arranged time. The key requirement from most of these "emergency oven cleaning calls" is to not get in the way of the home owner and to not make a mess inside the home.
No problem on both these counts as the Oven Cleaning Auckland system is totally professional and non invasive. All removeable parts are cleaned in our unique van mounted steam tank so we leave no mess on your property. OvenGuy has perfected a method for cleaning ovens and cleaning BBQs like no-one else. It will gleam when we have finished.

ovencleaning auckland BBQOur unique OvenGuy oven cleaning and BBQ cleaning system uses specially formulated product that is eco friendly, non caustic and very efficient at cleaning ovens and cleaning BBQ's. Perhaps we should also be called the BBQGuy (BBQ cleaning).

We are meticulous when in your home.

Protective mats are placed on the floor or deck and those items to be cleaned in the Steam Tank such as grills and racks are removed from your home in protective carry bags so no drips or grease can get on the floor or furniture.

All components are throughly cleaned and dryed before being installed again. Your oven or BBQ will look like new again.

The OvenGuy is a specialist at cleaning oven glass as well as self cleaning ovens.


Here is just one from comment from our testimonials

"My Rinnai stainless BBQ was filthy. I had been putting off cleaning it myself for too long by going fishing instead. I am thrilled with the result of the clean. Done on the deck - no mess and the stainless looks great. The steam tank in the OvenGuy van cleans up the grills and plates magically. Please diary a follow up in 12 months."

Tim Wiles, Orakei